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Tauschke Software designs and implements mobile software and services.

We create:

- mobile office information systems
- mobile games and applications for promotion
- integration of internet and mobile services

Beside custom software development Tauschke Software creates development tools for cross-platform development based on different mobile technologies. Tauschke MobileCreator is a powerful SuperWaba IDE to create Software for PalmOS, WinCE, Symbian and Windows. Using Tauschke uiCreator you can design the user interface of MIDP based applications. Both tools are available as a free Personal Licence and a commercial Profesional Licence. This gives you the chance to test our software or use it for free for non commercial projects.

For more information visit our website www.tauschke.com!

This service is available in the following countries:

(C)opyright 2005 by Tauschke Software - Contact: info@tauschke.com