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Jafuna - The Game is a Sudoku like game for most mobile phones. To play the game on your Java enabled phone you need your phones joystick and the 0-9 keys. Use the joystick to move the cursor and press 1-9 to enter the number for the selected field. Press 0 to remove a number.

This game has benn tested on the following phones:

Siemens SX1, S65, C65 - but it should work on most phones with the following minimum requirements: Your phone must support Java and the display needs a resolution of 128x128 pixel or higher.

To install the game please use the webbrowser of your mobile phone. Got to the page and download the game. Please note there may be costs to download the file depending on the provider you are using.

You can also download the files to your harddisk. This option is for users with a data cable or a phone using memory cards (like SD or MMC cards). Click here if you are using a data cable/card.

If you have problems to download the game or need help please write an email to



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